Mount Hope Collection

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Mount Hope Collection


Mount Hope Station was part of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan at Mount Hope, Ontario during the Second World War. Three training schools were located there between 1940-1945;

- No. 10 Elementary Flying Training School from October 14, 1940 - August 31, 1942.

- No. 33 Air Navigation School from June 9, 1941- October 6, 1944.

- No. 1 Wireless from Sept 14, 1944 - October 31, 1945.

By the end of the Second World War, the BCATP had turned out more than 130,000 trained airmen and personnel from Canada, Britain, New Zealand and Australia. The BCATP grew to almost 100 schools at 231 sites across Canada, and included 10,840 aircraft.

This collection features items pertaining to the training schools, trainers and trainees from Mount Hope to the theatres of war.




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