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David Goldberg (b. March 1917, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. d. September 17, 2006)

David Goldberg grew up in Hamilton, Ontario and graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. When the Second World War broke out Goldberg immediately returned home from Boston where he signed up for the R.C.A.F. After training at Manning Depot in Toronto, he earned his wings at Saskatoon in February 1941. In 1942 instructed student pilots and was a wings test officer at No. 6 SFTS Dunnville, Ont. and in July 1943 was posted overseas with 416 Spitfire Squadron.

On his eightieth operation, March 8, 1944, Goldberg was shot down by ground flak at low altitude over an airfield in France near St. Andre. After crash landing and with the fear of being captured, David spent several days in hiding with no food or water. A farmer soon took him in then introduced him to the French underground who would take him to Paris. From Paris, he would make his way, along with thirty others, over the Pyrenees mountains between occupied France and neutral Spain. This group of thirty evaders stayed for ten days in the foothills of the Pyrenees where the trip was prolonged by bad weather and a guide who disappeared after going off for assistance. Goldberg and only six others and their guide made the crossing and from Barcelona and Madrid, eventually arrived at the British consulate in Gibraltar.
Upon arriving in England, Goldberg was debriefed and sent home to Canada for 30 days leave. The invasion of Italy had begun and soon Goldberg was back overseas, but this time with 417 Squadron, the only Canadian squadron serving in the Desert Air Force. Within a few months he was promoted to Squadron Leader, taking command of the unit in November 1944, and would complete 153 ops with 417.

David Goldberg was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for outstanding courage and skill as a fighter bomber leader. On his return to Canada, Goldberg entered Osgoode Hall graduating in 1949. He then returned to Hamilton to take up residence and practice. He joined the RCAF Auxiliary in October 1950. In 1955 he was appointed the rank of Commanding Officer of 16 Wing (Auxiliary) and promoted to Group Captain. After his successful military career, Goldberg retired with the rank of Group Captain, he practiced Commercial Law in Hamilton until his retirement.




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