Flying Helmet



Flying Helmet


Leather Flying Helmet Type C, second pattern, with goggles, receivers, microphone and oxygen mask. Internally, the helmet is unwired, lined with chamois with a brown velveteen sweat absorbing panel at the brow, and chamois ear cushions are present to reduce external noise. The name, "FE WILLIAMS" hand printed in blue ink near the inner top, The outer brown leather helmet has black rubber ear phone cups which have been fitted with Air Ministry 10A/7063 receivers. The outer receiver has been stamped in white paint with a circle and the initials within it read, "X.A.M 50". Both receivers are connected externally to the microphone by three individual braided cloth insulated communication cords which join to form one cord which is attached to a brown bakelite bayonet 10A/10991 plug, which is connected to brown bakelite 10H /2206 extension receptacle. Emerging from the back of this receptacle are four brown cloth covered braided 6 inch cords with four plastic colour coded metal "C" connectors. A brown leather chin strap is attached to the base of the helmet. Five leather strap like harnesses hold the MK III goggle grey elastic head strap in place. The painted grey metal goggle with brown leather wool filled face padding, have the AM mark on the bridge just above the brown leather nose protector. The split lenses are made of laminated safety glass. A strong elasticized grey head strap is easily adjustable by a brown leather pull strap. The Type D oxygen mask is made from green cloth with a chamois covered Type 26 electromagnetic microphone attached.







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