R.C.A.F. High Altitude Pressure Helmet. Hinged crash protection plates are missing. Fixed plastic visor set in a brown rubber face plate attached to a green nylon coloured shell with grey nylon cord lacing with numerous eyelets that extend up and around the entire face plate. A metal swift zipper is sewn into the top of the shell all the way down the back to the bottom nape of the neck. Includes a rubber covered exhale valve, communication cord, red release valve, and a green rubber lining that covers the ear cushions.




The Mk.1A was issued in the early 1950`s and was the first RAF helmet with a fixed visor, the visor locked at various positions and was issued in various tints from clear to dark tinted. The RAF Mk.1A Flying Helmet superseded the Mk.1, this having a separate visor fitted by elastic straps. The Mk.1A was originally used by all front line pilots flying rotary & fixed wing aircraft, this included subsonic & supersonic aircraft, everything from early Hunters to Lightning's and continued in limited use until the late 70`s and finally used by training squadrons (EFTS/UAS) until the late 80`s. Although designed to be used with the G-Type Helmet and H-Type oxygen-mask, the helmet was also used with the A-13 oxygen-mask & later the P-Type oxygen-mask. This later usage with the P-Type mask caused wear & tear problems to the helmet edge roll due to the protruding P-type mask fittings abrasing the helmet leather lining & rubber edge trim. The Mk.1A was originally issued in a silver colored shell, but later examples were issued in matt Green or Grey. The helmet is leather lined with a non-adjustable webbing harness.

Date Created

circa 1950's


nylon/ rubber/plastic/ leather/silk/metal

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