Dalton Dead Reckoning Computer Model G



Dalton Dead Reckoning Computer Model G


Dalton Dead Reckoning Computer Model G used for Air Navigation. Manufactured by Stanley Manufacturing Co./ Limited out of Toronto, Canada. Computer is comprised of a black metal box frame with a fabric chart inside seen through a circle clear plastic viewer, with a metal cover attached to bottom of main frame by a hinge. Cylinder attached to proper right to hold pen. The two dials on proper left side control paper chart and metal ring with compass headings and degrees marked. Dials are used to determine course corrections due to drifting caused by wind. Etched identification filled in white on front along bottom edge reads: DALTON DEAD RECKONING COMPUTER MODEL G STANLEY MANUFACTURING CO. LIMITED TORONTO, CANADA and serial number located in centre of rear surface reads: X.Y. 5468 Cover contains a metal dial computer for making corrections to air speed and height. Dial is comprised of a central circle shaped dial with two windows for viewing "Air temp" in "Centigrade" and Ind. Height" in "Thousand Feet" when determining corrections. "I.C.A.N. CALIBRATION" in back text located on front of cover along bottom edge. Incremented markings are in black, with explanations "FOR HEIGHT CORRECTIONS" and "FOR AIR SPEED CORRECTIONS" given in centre of dial. Centre dial labled in black text "


c. 1939-1945




metal, plastic, cloth strap


The Dead Reckoning computer was used to help Navigators with plotting and making adjustments to flight paths. Corrections can be made for drift, height and air speed. This version of the Dalton Dead Reckoning Computer was used commonly with navigators who were unable to have a table in the aircraft they were flying in. Attaching the computer to the leg allowed for ease of use in a small spaces, such as a Lancaster.

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