Medals Display



Medals Display


Framed items belonging to Eric Higgenbottom from his wartime service in the Royal Canadian Air Force. Items have been mounted on a green felted backdrop. Items included are:
Warrant Officer badge
Warrant Officer 2nd Class badge
RCAF cap badge
"Canada" shoulder flash attached to ribbon of France and Germany Star Medals
France and Germany Star
Canadian Volunteer Service Medal with Overseas bar
Defense Medal 1939-1945
War Medal 1939 -1945. (Note - Defense medal and war medal are on the incorrect ribbons.)
RCAF Reserves pin
Two Warrant Officer Class I general pins (crown and eagle)
Two WAG (wireless air gunner) wing badges
Photograph of Vern Mephan, Eric Higginbottom and Alan Armstrong on leave in 1943. (All three were from Hamilton)
1943 Canada "Victory" nickel
1944 Canada "Victory" nickel
V for victory pin
Certificate of medals to be issued and RCAF Active Service Certificate for Eric Higginbottom have been encapsulated and attached to rear surface of frame. Photograph description located beneath RCAF Active Service Certificate reads: 1943 Loch Lomond Scotland (On Leave) Vern Mephan, Hamilton. Eric Higginbottom, Hamilton. Alan Armstrong, Hamilton.






This selection of items from Eric Higginbottom's time from active service as a Warrant Officer in the RCAF was assembled for display by a family member.

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