No 424 Squadron Pilot's Room Sign



No 424 Squadron Pilot's Room Sign


A wooden sign painted white with black stenciled text. Text reads "PILOT'S ROOM 424 SQUADRON"


c. 1946-1964




Wood, paint


Sign believed to have hung over pilot's room at R.C.A.F. Station Hamilton. Sign was found by donors, Norm Reed and Russ Meskey at Mount Hope. From email by Russ Meskey: "Just out from the back of our house was a garbage dump in which the airport used for many years... As a kid we used to scour the dump for interesting junk, The sign was obtained from the dump in the mid sixties by a friend of mine named Norm Reed. This was around the same time that the military barracks and offices were being torn down that faced onto Airport Road. Most of the debris from the demolition was hauled away for disposal but some of the stuff ended up in the dump. Due to diligent rooting around on Norm's part he came upon the sign, recognized it's significance and kept it for many years. Norm moved away from the area in the mid 80s and left the sign with me for safe keeping. " Recently Norm has moved back to the area and in conversation we discussed donating the sign to add to the 424 Squadron display in the museum of which Norm and I thought the sign would fit right in. Please get back to me and let me know if the CWH would be interested in acquiring this item as a donation and if so set up a meeting at some point so I can give it to you and it can be added to the display.

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