SHACK 43-1 Publication



SHACK 43-1 Publication


A hardcover book of SHACK a publication of the Class of 43-1 Army Air Force Bombardier School, San Angelo, Texas.

Cover art shows Bugs Bunny riding a bomb down through the clouds in the sky.

The book features portrait photographs of instructors and students at USAAF Bombardier School, San Angelo, Texas.

Signature of Raymond J. Rezek below his image.

Foreword by Colonel George M. Palmer
Commanding Officer


More than a few months ago Japanese plans power-dive in from the Hawaiian pacific to perpetrate perhaps the reatest internation back-stabbing of all time.

More than two years ago a highly-trained, thoroughly equipped German air force began to weave a cross pattern of death and destruction over Holland, London and, it hoped, all over the world.

Both of these air-borne invaders had but one thought in mind- obliteration of those nations which historically stood for right and democratic dealing. On each count they have failed, though their scores were far from zero.

Each of you has lived a generation in this America of ours. For twelve weeks past you have lived and worked as a bombardier cadet, learning the most exact art of warfare that minds and mechanisms can devise.

You are to be America's avengers. As you remember the home and school relations of your young lives , you will be using the knowledge that in a brief, intensive course you have acquired here.

From flight lines on British islands, Pacific atolls and the coasts of North Africa you'll now have your turn. Your job too is obliteration - of all those forces of evil which have threatened your inherited society.
Read your instruments carefully. Draw the cross hairs of your bombsight close on the target. Your bulls-eyes will be the punctuation in the history book of civilization.

Signed G M Palmer
Colonel, Air Corps
Commanding Officer.






Cardboard, paper, ink


Donated by the niece of Harry Starr, a student of Air Force Bombardier School, San Angelo, Texas.

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