Newspaper Clipping (c. July 1976)



Newspaper Clipping (c. July 1976)



Jerry Bell is a retired Air Force veteran who had a promising career as a sprinter ended at the 1936 Olympics when he was struck on the knee by a discus.
“The Games certainly aren’t what they used to be,” said Bell, who attended the 1936 Games as a trainer and medical aide to the Canadian team.
“Back in Berlin the only political squabbling in the Games was when Hitler refused to shake hands with Jesse Owens after he won his four gold medals. But the political interference at these Montreal Olympics has made a black mark on Canada in the eyes of people around the world.”
The Games are for sportsmanship, not politics, said Bell. “What we have now is someone gone here, something cancelled there,” he continued, “and with the absence of the almost 600 athletes who have been withdrawn from the competition, the performance standards have been greatly affected. A friend of mine at the Games told me last week that I didn’t miss much at all.”
Mr. Bell also felt that the security at the Games has frightened off a lot of people. “They’re staying away because Montreal has become an iron camp,” he said.





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