Welcome Guest at Galt Hid Flier From Nazis (Oct 27, 1947)



Welcome Guest at Galt Hid Flier From Nazis (Oct 27, 1947)


The Globe and Mail, Monday, October 27 1947

Welcome Guest at Galt Hid Flier From Nazis

Galt, Oct. 26 (Special). - A heroine of the Free French Movement who helped save the life of a Galt airman in 1944 is now his guest. She is Mrs. Harvey de Blanc, wife of a United States soldier living in New York. The airman she saved is Pilot Officer John Morris, Forest Rd., now a postman.
Mrs. de Blanc is visiting the Morris family while she awaits a visa to permit her to enter the United States. Her father is an Englishman who made his home in Paris. Her husband has visited her here.
The Galt airman was shot down in a raid over Paris early in July, 1944, and landed uninjured near the home of Jacqueline Brook (Mrs. de Blanc), her mother and sister at Melun, Seine-et-Marne. The women, risking reprisals by the Gestapo, took the airman into their home, where they kept him hidden for four days despite day and night visits by the Germans.
In the meantime the Brooks contacted the French resistance forces and arrangements were made for removal of Morris to Paris. However, he wasn’t safe even in the French capital with the Gestapo continually on his trail and he was constantly shifting hideouts, travelling more than five miles through the sewers of Paris.
The Paris underground successfully protected him for two months and when the United States troops entered the French city Morris was able to come out of hiding. He immediately visited the United States Army headquarters, soon was back in Britain where he rejoined his squadron. In the two months he was in hiding in Paris, Morris lost 15 pounds.
Mrs. de Blanc, anxious to come to America to rejoin her husband who went to Paris a year after the war to marry her, decided first to come to Canada to await her United States visa and the only person she knew in the Dominion was Johnny Morris. She received a warm invitation and now she is a guest at the Morris home.





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