Local vet honored with French award (1975)



Local vet honored with French award (1975)


Local vet honored with French award
A Cambridge (Galt) air force veteran, who was shot down in France in the 1944045 battles, then worked with the French “underground” forces, has been awarded the second highest honor for service that France can bestow on civilians and the military.
John Morris, 177 Forest Road, an employee at the Cambridge (Galt) post office, received “The Order du Merite” (Order of Merit) rated next to the Croix du Guerre, just a few days ago. John and his wife and family are greatly pleased over the award from the French government.
“It is a high honor, rarely given, and seldom given to any foreigner,” Mr. Morris said. Fighting as an RCAF air gunner, he was shot down in France, then became connected with the underground and resistance forces in the intelligence section during the Allied push toward Paris.
There is a medal, given for service to “patrie and republique”, and a citation in French. “We are having it translated into English by a French teacher here and it is being framed by a local store,” said Mr. Morris.
This year marks the 30th anniversary of the liberation of Paris by the Allies and French underground, which came long after the D-Day landings in June, 1944.
“We did have a hint of this some time ago, but felt a letter referred to someone getting it who had served over there,” said a family member. “Then, we found out it was John.” Mr. Morris did not expound greatly on his part in the underground activities against the Nazi occupation forces. He had prior notice about the award from the Allied Escape Society. Then several days ago, the award came in a round cylinder, from France and Ottawa. It seems the French do not forget.





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