Correspondence (July 1944)



Correspondence (July 1944)



R191910 (R.0.4)

OTTAWA, Canada, 15th July, 1944.

Mrs. John Morris,
28 Colborne Street,
Galt, Ontario.

Dear Mrs. Morris:
It is with deep regret that I must confirm our recent telegram informing you that your husband, Flight Sergeant John Morris, is reported missing on Active Service.

Advice has been received from the Royal Canadian Air Force Casualties Officer, Overseas, that your husband and the entire crew of his aircraft failed to return to their base after taking off to carry out bombing operations over Villeneuve St. Georges, France, on the night of July 4th and the early morning of July 5th, 1944.

The term “missing” is used only to indicate that his where-abouts is not immediately known and does not necessarily mean that your husband has been killed or wounded. He may have landed in enemy territory and might be a Prisoner of War. Enquiries have been made through the International Red Cross Society and all other appropriate sources and I wish to assure you that any further information received will be communicated to you immediately.

Attached is a list of the members of the Royal Canadian Air Force who were in the crew of the aircraft together with the names and addresses of their next-of-kin. Your husband’s name will not appear on the official casualty list for five weeks. You may however, release to the Press or Radio the fact that he is reported missing but not disclosing the date, place or his unit.

Permit me to extend to you my heartfelt sympathy during this period of uncertainty and I join with you and the members of your family in the hope that better news will be forthcoming in the near future.

Yours sincerely,
E. Sadd S/O
R.C.A.F. Casualty Officer
for Chief of the Air Staff.

R.C.A.F. G. 32B
500M-2-43 (3112-3199)
H.Q. 855-G-32B

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Flight Lieutenant L.W.A. Frame,
Next-of-kin, Mr. T.A. Frame (father)
52 Victoria Street, Ottawa, Ontario.

Flying Officer W.B. Reynolds,
Next-of-kin, Mr. E.R. Reynolds (father)
281 Peter Street, Pembroke, Ontario.

Flying Officer W.C. Watson,
Next-of-kin, Mr. LeRoy Watson (father)
5 College St., St. Thomas, Ontario.

Flight Sergeant John Morris,
Next-of-kin, Mrs. John Morris, (wife)
28 Colborne Street, Galt, Ontario.
Sergeant H.B. Hayes,
Next-of-kin, Mr. Ernest Hayes, (father)
48 Fulton Ave., Ottawa, Ontario.

Sergeant David High,
Next-of-kin, Mr. David High, (father)
Jarvie, Alberta.





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