Letter home (Nov 6 1943)



Letter home (Nov 6 1943)


Nov. 6/43. Rockcliffe

Hello honey dear

How are you + Peter, all my love to you both. I thought I would be home by now but no such luck. I’m in good health. I suppose you have been told by now we were all brought back to Ottawa for a meeting which was nothing but a get to-gether. It started on Monday of this week and carried on for three days, but Thursday + to-day the weather is bad + we can not get out. I have to go to Winnipeg from here that means another week before I can see you dear. I didn’t stay with Cliff or Alex but I hear they call Hamilton one night and were talking to Betty. How is everything with you + how is my mother + father + yours, give them all my love. Did you get your back pay, they told me here that you should have got it at the end of Oct. I bought a 100.00 bond yesterday. How much does Peter weigh now, is he still a good boy


And can he talk yet. Gee I wish this damn war would end, so I could get home and enjoy a little of home life, don’t you honey.
Frank Lee just came in from eating dinner and says it sure was no hell, I only eat two meals a day.
Well honey I don’t know of anything else to say right now except I love you with all my heart, and also our darling son. So until I see you loads of love
Your ever loving husband.

Curly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

[X Peter]