Caterpillar Club Pin



Caterpillar Club Pin


Caterpillar Club membership silver pin badge with ruby red painted eyes. Reverse side of pin has the words "Pres by Irving" imprinted.




Sterling silver


The Caterpillar Club is an exclusive club for those who had their lives saved by a parachute.
The only requirement to join is to have saved one’s life by an Irvin parachute from a stricken aircraft. Both civilian or military personnel may apply with the exception of those who intentionally jump from an aircraft, such as skydivers or test parachutists are not accepted. Potential members are required to apply to the company with evidence of their descent and these are checked and independently corroborated. Irvin will use newspaper and accident reports and sources from archives to check the authenticity of each claim.
In return of a successful application, the member will receive a caterpillar ‘pin badge’ with the recipient’s name that may be worn on one’s collar, together with a membership card and certificate with an individual membership number.

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