R.C.A.F. Operational Tour Wings



R.C.A.F. Operational Tour Wings


R.C.A.F. Operational Wings pin representing one tour.

The letter "O" with wings on either side in sterling silver, with 2 screw posts soldered to rear surface, with brass plate backing. Reverse reads "BIRKS" and "STERLING"

Operational Wings were introduced as an award to personnel who had completed a tour of operations against the enemy or had been killed after having made one or more stories against the enemy. The specified number of sorties or hours required for a tour is dependent on the type of operation and aircraft flown.
To be worn on the center panel of the left breast pocket of aircrew uniforms during the latter part of World War II. An exclusively Canadian award, designed by W.D. Dunbar.




Sterling silver, brass


Awarded to Kenneth G House.

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