RAF Type D Canvas Flying Helmet. Designed for use in desert climates and made of tan cotton twill canvas and lined with ivory coloured satin. This pattern incorporates a neck flap to protect the wearer from the desert sun. The rear of the helmet is fitted with elastic to ensure a close fitting. A white label with some identification numbers is sewn into the brow of the helmet. Two AM issue chamois lined face protectors are attached to inside of the helmet. Brown leather zippered ear coverings over black rubber receiver cups on the outside and rolled padded ear cushions on the inside of the helmet. The zippers have brown leather pulls. A set of two leather tabs with brown press studs positioned on either side of the rubber ear cups, and a single buckle leather strap at the rear, are positioned to secure goggles to the helmet. The helmet has a brown leather chin strap secured with a Bennets friction fastener. Just above the chin straps on either side are three metal press studs for the attachment of a Type D Oxygen Mask, or external rubber mask, or a microphone carrier (not present). Inside the helmet, the lining is stenciled in black ink with, "P. D. C. DUKE", next to it the name "Duke" appears in hand printed in black marker.






Early flying helmets had usually four goggle straps.

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