RCAF Second Pattern Flight Helmet. Made with a medium brown leather exterior and a chamois lined interior with a dark green velveteen sweat absorbing panel on the brow and chinstrap buckle flap. To the rear of the helmet is a five inch vertical adjustment slit with a short leather strap and metal buckle to one side though which the leather adjustment strap is threaded. There are two 2.5" leather straps with original brown painted metal snaps on the reverse of the helmet used to secure flight goggles. The two piece chin strap consists of a metal gripper buckle sewn to one side and an 8" long by 5/8" wide leather strap to the other. There appears to have been two ear holes cut into the helmet and then repaired with two leather patches sewn directly over top of the holes. The number "44" has been hand printed in black ink on the right side chinstrap flap.




RCAF 2nd Pattern Flight Helmet. The RCAF flight helmet was almost the identical pattern to the British "B" pattern helmet. There were two different patterns produced during the war, with the later pattern being a tighter design. Both helmets were worn during the entire span of the war from 1939 to 1945.

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