Flying Boots



Flying Boots


RAF AIR MINISTRY 1940 PATTERN FLYING BOOTS 22C/435-442 Pattern 1940 brown suede flying boots lined with thick sheep fleece. The boots are made in four sections, a piece covering the front of the foot, another around the ankles and heel and two pieces around the calf or throat of the boot. There is a strip of leather reinforcement sewn down the back seam of the boot. A metal eight inch Air Ministry stamped zipper is fitted to the front of the boot, running vertically from the instep to the top of the boot. An internal brown leather strip with the name "Mason", and "249" hand printed on it ,runs the length of the zipper to prevent it from catching, The "AM" stamp along with other unidentified marks are also present, but due to age and usage, have lost most of their detail. The soles of the boots are made of rubber which also covers the toe and heel area, and displays the manufacturer's details and the molded brand name 'ITSHIDE'. The toe and heel is covered with a rubber waterproofing material.






Although their practical design allowed for trousers or flying suit to be tucked in front through full zip closure, these pattern boots were less popular among fighter pilots as the looser fit tended to often allow for the boots to fall off during bail out or parachute descent.

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