The Mount Hope Meteor (June-July 1943)



The Mount Hope Meteor (June-July 1943)


Vol. II. No. IV. Mount Hope, Ontario, June-July, 1943

Editorial Committee

Editorial Committee

Chairman: F/Lt. Threlfall
Editor: F/O. Edwards
Ass't Editor: L.A.C. Mead
Articles: F/Lt. Bellas
Advisory Members: F/Lt. Bellas,
F/O Tiley, W/O Emery
Art Section: L.A.C. Tomkinson
Photos: Cpl. Thackeray
L.A.C. Transehe
Uncle Woogly: L.A.C. Moore
"Y" Activities: Mr. Kirck Bell
Business Manager: Mr. Nicholson

"The Mount Hope Meteor" is the journal of No. 33 Air Navigation School, and is published nine times a year; more frequently in winter than in summer. It is run on a non-profit basis, grants from P.S.I. enabling a high quality magazine to be produced, and sold for fifteen cents.
This is essentially an airman's magazine, run by airmen. Contents consist of Station news, "gen," humour, cartoons, pictures, sport and topical articles. the Editor welcomes contributions, incentive being stimulated by the frequent competitions which are held.
The best way of keeping in touch with the latest camp developments is to buy the "Meteor" regularly from the Wet Canteen, Guard Room, Station Library, Barber's Shop or "Y" Office.






"Note: Due to lack of space "Uncle Woogly" is held over. The "Meteor" is published by the officers and men of the Royal Air Force Station at Mount Hope, Ont. Dates of publication are Jan. 15th, Feb. 15th, March 15th, May 1st, June 15th, Aug. 15th, Oct. 1st, Nov. 15th, and Dec. 15th.
Communications should be sent to M. P. O. 211, Hamilton, Ont. All material should reach Editorial Office not later than 15 days before date of publication, otherwise it cannot be included.
Rates: 15c per copy; $1.35 per annum.
Overseas subscription, $2.75.
Entire contents of this issue copyright by R. A. F. Mt. Hope.
Articles and pictures may not be re-printed without written permission.

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