The Mount Hope Meteor (Sept. 1944)



The Mount Hope Meteor (Sept. 1944)


Vol. III. No. VI. Mount Hope, Ontario, September 1944


This is the last issue of the "Meteor". In spite of the odd difficulties, the job of producing the Station Magazine has been a happy privilege. The vitality of Mount Hope has been reflected in the support we have always received from all sides, and particularly from P.S.I.
It is hoped that this souvenir issue will be instrumental in keeping fresh our many memories of the Unite, and, with that in view, a greater number of photographs have been included.
We thank all those who have helped us to make the "Meteor" part and parcel of our stay at Mount Hope.

F/Lt. Threlfall
Cpl. Spurrier
F/O. Jarvis
L.A.C. Howard
F/O. Cooper







This is the last number of the Meteor, and it would be ungrateful of us, the readers, to watch it go without a word about those who conceived it, nursed it and watched over its growth.
Started with the permission of Group Captain Burnett, and closing now under Group Captain Wood, the paper owes much of its success to their interest in its welfare.
In the Meteor's earlier days, Padre Sansbury worked hard to bring it to life and sustain its flickering existence. He was succeeded by J. K. Edwards, who was faced by the first major problem - a ban on advertising. J. K. successfully solved this with the financial help of the P.S.I., and handed over to his brother Alan, whos continuing efforts bore fruit in a magazine, grown to manhood in a new format. On Alan Edwards' posting, the mantle of editor fell upon the shoulders of Hank Williams, who just recently left us. Mount Hope thanks all the editors of the Meteor.
Mention could and should also be made to stalwarts like Bill Mead, Leslie Tomkinson, Harry Thackery, and hosts of others too numerous to name, but this resume would be too long in that event. We thank the contributors.
Two men, however, must not be passed over. First, the long-time chairman of the committee, Jack Threlfall, whose quiet efficiency and steady hand have guided the Meteor through almost all its life. The readers of the Meteor thank you- the man behind the man behind the press. And last, to the man behind the press, Edmond Ferres of Hamilton, our thanks are due. Meteor godfather and tireless worker in our interest, without whose aid the Meteor could not have survived. Mr. Ferres deserves our deepest thanks.
So Meteor, goodbye. We shall carry back through the medium of your paper the record of many happy experiences and friendships at Mount Hope.
Staff, Goodbye, and thank you.
Guy Thackeray.

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