Type B Flying Helmet



Type B Flying Helmet


RCAF Type B brown leather Helmet AM22c/65, with Gosport Tubes attached. A very well presented example as issued to RCAF air crew in the early part of WWII. The one zippered earpiece has the AM 22c/66 stamp and both have the orginal leather pulls on the zippers, and are fitted with a set of sponge rubber ear cushions and Gosport tubes. The interior chamois lining has a brown velveteen sweat absorbing panel at the brow and on the buckle side of the chin strap. Fully labelled reads, "SIZE 2 6 7/8 TO 7. AM22C/65 MADE BY FRANK BRYAN LIMITED LONDON & WORCESTER 1938". Another label is sewn on directly below this one and is handprinted with, "744938 J. DUFFIN". The name "DUFFIN", also appears under the right inner ear cushion. The brown leather chin strap is equipped with a Bennett fastener.





The RAF and other British Commonwealth Nations used basicly the same helmet types. The early flight helmets were introduced in the 30's and still in use in 1941. These helmets used big round earphone housings while the later versions used the smaller ear cups. Some flying helmets were theatre made variants made by local craftmen. Most RAF helmets were made of leather but summer flying helmets started to appear in mesh cloth. Except for the material used, it was the same helmet model. It should be noted that RAF issue and FAA issue helmets were used by both Air Forces and also by other allied airmen. FAA helmets are easily identified by their 2 big round ear cups which housed the Gosport tubes and receivers.



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